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by Katrina Bennett

Votive Theatre

Camden People's Theatre

9th - 13th May 2023

Work-in-progress performances:

National Student Drama Festival, Curve Theatre

15th April 2022

Shoot Festival, Shopfront Theatre

23rd April 2022

SHOUT Festival, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

8th November 2022


Derby Theatre

25th-29th July 2022


Georgia Koronka

Jess Pentney

Daniel Baskharoun

Miguel Barrulas

Director: Amy Crighton

Writer: Katrina Bennett

Producer: Jade Parkin

Lighting Designer & Production Manager: Sam Osborne​

Movement/Intimacy Director: Emma May Uden
Set & Costume Designer: Lucy Sneddon
Sound Designer: Rafaella Pancucci
Stage Manager: Emily Darley
Trainee Assistant Production Manager: Tamara Igbinokpogie

Trainee Assistant Producer: Diana Feng

R&D Producers: Megan Brewer & Gabriella Sills​


R&D Cast:

Clare Stenning

Boo Jackson

Davy Roderick

Miguel Barrulas

Developed with the support of Barrel Organ as part of 'Barrel Organ and Company 2022'

Supported by Arts Council England and the Jerwood New Work Fund

Production Photography: Lucy Hayes

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